Here’s What to Prepare When You Want to Start a Coffee Shop Business

The coffee industry is now growing along with the third wave that just happened to bolt coffee not just enjoyed. Coffee is now opening a great opportunity to do business in it including coffee shop business or unique coffee shop.

Of course, the coffee shop business can be so promising as the managers know how to develop it. Café in Indonesia it self is so developed and growing very rapidly. Café is now one of the places to release fatigue while gathering with friends and colleagues.

Not only in big cities café also exist in small towns, which distinguish is standard and market differently.

Although coffee demand by many people, building a coffee shop business is not as easy as brewing coffee brewed. It is more complex than that, many elements that should not escape the attention. The things below are the most important to be prepared in starting a coffee shop business.

  1. Budget

Of course, the very first Coffindo Lovers must have a budget or initial funding to open a coffee shop. If Coffindo Lovers only has a minimal budget then do not be forced to open a big and luxurious coffee shop. Start from something simple.

  1. Motivation Coffindo Lovers opened Coffee Shop

The initial motivation that Coffindo Lovers needs to invest in the heart is Coffindo Lovers must like the coffee shop business first, not just open café and coincidence coffee that is trends today. Coffee shop business is a long-term business rather than a seasonal business so Coffindo Lovers should not lack motivation in this business.

  1. The right concepts and segments

Many business people who ‘talkative’ or follow-follow in this country, the term if there are other people who busy business then he joined the business. Most if asked what the benefits of your coffee shop then the answer is not far from “taste better coffee”, “cheaper price”, and “we use espresso machine” which means superior because using tools that produce coffee with a better taste.

The third answer is not a determining factor whether the coffee shop is superior to other coffee shops or not that usually only slightly different when yes the same. The main factor is the concept and the right segment is more decisive.

  1. Location

Strategic location will determine your coffee shop business whether developing or even folded. Let’s take an example from one of the friends who opened a coffee shop at the Mall. In front of the outlets, there are three cinema entrances that are always crowded unbelievably when the

cinema starts to operate.

The crowded situation that does not guarantee that his coffee shop will be crowded as well because the majority of cinema visitors are students who have not been able to spend Rp 10,000 just for a cup of coffee. is the wrong price offered? No, what is wrong is that the location chosen does not match the concept and segment it has.

  1. Know where the concept will be brought in the Market segment

Coffindo Lovers need to know that the middle to lower is a segment that cares about price, people in this segment are more concerned with quantity than quality. Although your coffee shop is cheap but looks expensive they still reluctantly approached.

While the upper middle class is the people who care about quality and they do not pay attention to the price if the price is in accordance with the quality that he wants.So you want to target which segment? You decide.

  1. Concepts

Do not dare open a booth without having a concept. The concept of what you will bring when opening the booth will greatly affect the future of your outlet, then it is necessary to be matured.

Suppose you want to carry the concept of vintage. So from food, drinks to the interior and exterior design will easily follow your vintage concept. Make sure that your concept should put forward comfort because coffee is enjoyed at the most when relaxing. So how do you make that concept unique depending on the creativity of Coffindo Lovers?

  1. Promo

Inviting the media to come to review or cover your booth is also advised, or hold an interesting workshop to steal people’s attention by still innovating. Maybe the taste should remain consistent quality but marketing requires creativity.

Allow funds to prepare promos as long as your coffee shop operates. Needless to do, do it gradually. Like giving them themed discounts, free vouchers of motor wash each buy 1 cup of coffee and other promos.